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Privacy screens are a practical and aesthetically pleasing option to improve privacy for homeowners. Offered in a range of materials, colours and styles, privacy screens and louvres can add a touch of architectural design to your home whilst securing areas that may otherwise be exposed, such as decks used for outdoor entertaining, your front fences and even your balconies. Many DIY privacy screens lean towards materials such as timber, pine and lattice, all of which can be damaged by the elements over a few seasons. A professional privacy screen is usually hard-wearing aluminium in slats, or made with opaque/obscuring glass. Privacy screens aren’t just for ensuring privacy, but also host a range of benefits that suit your lifestyle. In our harsh Australian climate, privacy screens can offer protection from the elements by blocking off the sun, wind and rain and giving you a space to enjoy with family and friends. Privacy screens also offer a solution for extra space that won’t break the bank, by allowing you to establish an area that has clear boundaries and shelter, without needing to invest in extensions or adding extra rooms. This also provides a space to relax in peace – whether that be from neighbours, strangers on the street and even our family. A space to enjoy together, alone! With the wide range of designs and styles that are available, your slats and screens can work to suit any home and meet the needs of you and your family. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and privacy screens can even be used to fence off unsightly features such as wheelie bins, water tanks and sheds.

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