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Filter belt of polyester or dacron mesh is designed as screen media for high pressure press-filters and belt presses filtration system. The synthetic filter cloth has great strength, stability, excellent chemical resistance and cake release properties. The fabric is woven with spiral wire in big loop or large loop, medium loop, and small loop to achieve varified filtration ratings. The mesh belt is popularly used used for paper making, as drainage filter mesh for pulp machine pressing uses, also coal washer, metal and mineral concertration and food industry. We offer press filter screen with seam, non woven and coated mesh types. The Polyester Filter Belts are specially designed filter cloth for the belt press filters, it’s a circuit belt fabric connected by SS clipper seam to be able to work continuously. The belt press filter cloth is a sturdy fabric made out of high viscosity polyester monofilament yarn on heavy-duty weaving looms and being heat set. Bonfilt’s choose superior polyester monofilament yarn, weaving by advanced looms, excellent thermal treatment, all these makes our polyester filter belts in precise aperture, good transverse stability, lengthways flexibility, excellent mechanical strength and stability in shape and dimension.

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